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Unleashing the Power of Vashonyte
By Laura Worth and Robert Bornn

Mere mortals cannot resist the siren’s call luring them to an island of solid Vashonyte.   Its effects are remarkable.

First, for example, one’s speech is affected.   For example, at first as printed in the newspaper, we said “GEO-duck” (as in Geo, the car) and howled incredulously when we heard GOOEY-DUCK as the “lingua franca.”   We had smelled something “fishy” – and thought the gambit was “obviously” for newcomers to run around creating local mirth by calling these jumbo clams “gooey ducks” (actually neither “gooey” nor “duck”).   With a good dose of Vashonyte we got that straightened out faster than you can say Puyallup.

In July 2004 Vashonyte helped us recover from our impossibly stressful, 2-day journey from Mendocino during the hottest days of the year.   This, of course, was in a packed station wagon – sans air conditioning because of an overheating radiator – at about 110 ° plus inside the car.

We needed some extra Vashonyte when we arrived on the Tahlequah ferry just as night fell, and learned that the cabin we had rented, sight-unseen from a friend-of-a-friend, was a 10-story “walk-in” – with a complex combination of woodsy trail, embedded tires, and endless stairs.   Not necessarily a big deal to many Islanders, but daunting to us newbies – especially by flashlight that first time.

Until we got used to it and developed a knack for backpacking our groceries in and trash out, we each felt like there was a 10-ton mooring stone of anxiety in our gut.   The funny thing is that we met a number of people in the coming months who had experienced the same “Whoops! am I nutso or what?” discovery of a steep “walk-in” surprise when they moved here.   But in time, they too recovered with the help of Vashonyte.

More recently in the December 14 th storm (which knocked our chimney down), we were without power for 11 days.   We called on our stores of Vashonyte and – lo and behold – a friend loaned us a safety kerosene heater for about a week and another friend made us hot cereal and provided hot showers.   We pleasantly discovered that prolonged exposure to Vashonyte produced deep feelings of gratitude with a touch of euphoria.

When we finally analyzed this precious Vashonyte substance, we found it had a core of generosity gracefully orbiting within a universe of kindness.

Laura Worth is a Vashon Island life and business coach and 463-9283.

Robert Bornn is a Vashon systems designer of authentically green homes and an artist
and 463-4284.

They are founders of BuildingCircles Organization (, designing affordable and sustainable, nature-integrated homes for independent living.

* List of Approved Systems and Products for On-site Sewage Systems published by Washington State’s Department of Health’s Waste Water Management Program (WAC)